F1 Goldendoodles due anyday now! UPDATE: BORN!!!!

"GiGi" is our female poodle. This will be her second litter, due January 26th GiGi is a "Parti Poodle" and weighs 35 (+-) pounds. She mated to  "Romeo", our Golden Retriever. Her puppies will range from low 40 lbs to upper 40 lbs, depending on which puppy is chosen.

Since she carries the parti gene, her puppies could be very unique . Puppies could be solid black, could be black with white markings, or brown/black blends. or golden brown like their father. Some puppies have a black coat when born, it may turn to a reddish brown. 

 Just a heads up to anyone looking for a Spring puppy! Puppies will be medium F1 Goldendoodles. Call us if you would like to get on the pick list for her litter. 

  • UPDATE: NINE Puppies were born January 29th into the 30th. Ones that are black have white markings on the chest for a tuxedo type look.  Look back in a few weeks , it is then, that their eyes will open and they will be more mobile. See below for pictures. Puppies will be 8 weeks old end of March.