Current and Upcoming Litter Status

What kind of doodles are up and coming soon? Puppies will be low to no shed, and will be allergy friendly. Puppies to your left are double doodles. Best reason why we do that you wonder? It is because you can get the soft wavy coat that wll not shed, a more relaxed coat that is most desirable, longer ears, basically breeding for traits. Most of all, for health.

Will we have CHRISTMAS PUPPIES? Yes! We have females pregnant now due in October, making placement timing around the holidays! Now is the time to get in on the wait list!



When are the next litters due? Puppies will be born end of  AUGUST. We will be having 2nd generation Double Doodles and Bernedoodles for those looking for a puppy this fall. 

When can puppies go into new homes? Late September, October placements into new homes. We are taking appointments and deposit on those upcoming litters.

2019 we will be mating our two new Bernese Mountain Dogs for F1 Bernedoodles.  We are super excited hoping for tri color puppies!

2019 we will also be breeding our two new Golden Retrievers for F1 Goldendoodles




Add 8 weeks  after birth for timing when puppies can leave here for new homes. Add 10 weeks if you decide to participate in the "Puppy Boot Camp"

What is a double doodle?

There are variations of a double doodle. Most common is a Labradoodle bred to a Goldendoodle. A double doodle can then be back bred to a poodle or a golden retriever for the intended desired look . Puppies due are second generation double doodles aka multi gen.

Main reason for breeding double doodles is that double doodle bloodlines are healthier than either a goldendoodle or labradoodle because of so much fresh DNA coming together.

Double doodle puppies can have wavy or mild curl, depending who the parents are.

What else do you breed?

We also breed Bernedoodles, F1 Goldendoodles & Aussiedoodles

What are the differences between the kinds of puppies you breed?

We like to breed for traits. Each puppy is an individual. Traits we like to enhance are the longer ears, relaxed to mild curls (not tight poodle-like), colors, girth and relaxed golden retriever like tails (not curled up like a poodle). We want all the intelligence the poodle has to give, as well as the no shedding trait. We just do not want puppies to look like a poodle! 


The aussiedoodle. and our poodle can present color variations, very unique looking doodle puppies. Most all puppies are at least second generation. Size of puppies will greatly depend on who its parents are.

What comes with a puppy?

Puppies will be up to date on vaccines and worming. Puppies will be as crate trained as possible, puppies, like children will not all be potty trained at the same age. All puppies will be socialized and pre trained not to jump up on people, nip or bite. 

What do I need to have ready for bringing a puppy home?

Puppies should definitely be in a crate at home, I suggest a 36"

Puppy  should be on a high quality grain free - puppy formula dry kibble. Puppies are fed "4 Health" only found at Tractor Supply stores.

No puppy pads! Get a timer instead to remind you to take out for potty breaks on a timely basis.

Puppies are best transferred to their new home held in the back seat by a family member.

Have a vet already set up, preferably a holistic one, even if it is a drive.


How big will the puppies get?

That depends on who the parents are. Puppies are individual conceptions with individual placentas, and are born one at a time. Puppies will be all about the same size, but all will be individuals. Big mother, big puppies, smaller mother, smaller puppies..generally speaking.

When do I get to pick my puppy?

Picking a puppy is generally done between 5-6 weeks of age. It is then, the personality and direction coat is leaning. Puppies that will have more curl as an adult will have more ripples on it head and ears, opposed to a softer wave will have less. 

Do you ship puppies?

No I do not ship. Too much trauma for such a little puppy, too many things could go wrong. People who want a puppy from me must drive to pick it up, or fly home with it.

Are males different than females?

I do not see either sex dominating specific personalities.. Each puppy is an individual. Breeder and new family plays a large role in the puppy's personality and overall manners.

Females will mark green grass, best to train designated 'place to go'. 

What is the big deal with doodles?

No shedding! Enabling a person with dog allergies to have a dog. Intelligence! Super smart, easy to train, gentle.calm, people friendly, great with children. The best, to me, is having all the Lab and Golden Retriever's traits with a no shedding teddy bear look.

The Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever, are the top breeds for families in the United States. I know, I use to breed them! But we all know that they shed and are not a good choice for those with allegies in the family. Breeding with a poodle makes it possible to have that great dog that is intelligent and adorable! And even tho no coat is guaranteed, most do not shed.

How many doodle have you placed?

I have been breeding doodles here in New England for over 10 years. Puppies are raised in a home atmosphere, raised with older doodle and lots of love and attention from us. Each year we seem to grow, our business is based greatly on referrals from happy families. We have placed close to 1,000 doodles since 2007. I would have to say we have had a 99% success rating overall. There is always those one cannot please.