Looking for Guardian Homes For These Beauties

Female Golden Retriever

BEAUTIFUL female golden retriever available for a special guardian home. Most people that come to visit have allergies, so looking for a very loving active family for her to be loved. We named her LUNA!

Somewhat of a goofball

"Luna" will be the future mother of our F1 Goldendoodle litters. Her future "husband" will be Rosco, our handsome poodle.


PLACED in a very loving home! Cannot wait for her to visit over the holidays!

Super soft

One special family needed for this little female. She is a love, funny and  now very socialized being around other dogs and puppies. You call her name she BOLTS to come right to you. So funny.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This is our new addition!

A gem of an opportunity! A guardian home for this beauty must have lots of room for her to run and play.  Super soft, adorable and such a love bug. We named her Heidi !

Her best buddie is Luna. Getting the ball from the "big kids" makes her day!

Perfect markings, she will make beautiful

puppies when she is old enough.


GREAT home has been found. She will be very happy, great family AND they have a doodle family member for her to be besties with!

She will mate with our Rosco

Her puppies will be F1 Bernedoodles. We are so excited to now be breeding Bernedoodles! So sweet she is. She also comes running from across the yard when called.

Golden Retriever

Shy and sweet...our Stella

Our Stella is a female Golden  Retriever female..Very well mannered and calm. Such a sweet face and demeanor. Looking for a guardian home for her. She would do best in a quiet family that is active.

Stella will be bred for F1 Goldendoodles

  Now 6 months old, and a true joy to have. But, having dogs here that shed is a concern for those families' that come that have allergies to dogs.

Stella will mate with our handsome Poodle, Rosco

Her favorite "toys" are empty yogurt and peanut butter containers! Not to mention empty water bottles....a marrow bones is always a choice as well!

Baby Bernese Mountain Dog

8 week old Bernese Mountain Dog

8 Weeks old!

A beauty of a great breed! Loyal, sweet and gentle. She will shed and will be 90 lbs or so. She will mate to our poodle for litters of F1 Bernedoodles.

Named her Soma

Person/family criteria would be to have a large home, big yard/acres to run and play in and a must to be a dog lover. 

Looking for lots of LOVE?

If interested in becoming a guardian home for her, please call Bill @ 508-558-2221 for an interview. If no one is home during the day, we feel that would not be a good match.