Summer Litters Expected in May & June

We are preparing for this summer! It is a busy time, a time that children are on summer vacation, teacher mom and dads are off, making it a great time to bring in a puppy to join the family. Deposits are coming in for those who are planning for this ahead of time.

We have a very large deck and lots of room for families to come and visit puppies. Family involvement is important and we make it possible for that time to bond happens.

GINGER : She is a double doodle, we bred her to our poodle, puppies will be multi gen. Due date is mid MAY, making puppies available to move into new family homes mid July. Puppies will average 45 lbs

GRACIE :  An Aussiedoodle we bred to our poodle. Puppies will be multi gen Aussiedoodles. Due date is also mid MAY, available to new families mid JULY.

DAISY :  Another double doodle of ours. Her puppies be multi gen and will average 45 lbs or so depending on which puppy is chosen. Due  mid to late MAY

GEORGIA : For those who want a larger doodle, this would be your litter. Georgia is also a double doodle we bred to our poodle. Puppies will average 55 lbs. Due early JUNE,

STELLA : First generation Goldendoodles, her first litter! Her due date is mid JUNE placement for her puppies would be AUGUST.

If interested in getting in on one of these litters, please call for an appointment to come and meet the breeder. A 500.00 deposit secures pick order. Dates are all estimates, mother nature dictates actual delivery dates. to schedule an appointment or to make a deposit on a litter. for questions to the breeder

Phone:  508-558-2221 - please do not text