A fun summer and a lot of happy families with new doodles! We are now anticipating our fall litters!

What litters are next you wonder...? We will be having a litter of double doodles end of August, as well as a litter of F1b Bernedoodles. End of October, we will be having another litter of double doodles. 

What do you mean by double doodles...? Expectant mothers are double doodles. A double doodle is a Labradoodle bred to a Goldendoodle. Depending on look of "Mom", determines who she is bred to. Puppies will be 3rd generation doodles, generally 45 lbs or so at maturity. No shed, super intelligent and will be ready for new homes 8 weeks after birth. Ten weeks if Puppy Boot Camp is involved.

If interested in getting in on one of these litters, please call for an appointment to come and meet the breeder. A 500.00 deposit secures pick order. Dates are all estimates, mother nature dictates actual delivery dates. to schedule an appointment or to make a deposit on a litter. for questions to the breeder

Phone:  508-558-2221 - please do not text

Newest Litters

Multi-gen double doodles

Mother is a double doodle. Father is a poodle. Puppies were born September 1st

These puppies were born September 1st. We have 4 pick positions available. Puppies will mature, on an average, 45 lbs. Puppies will have wavy coats, will not shed.

F1b Bernedoodles

This litter was born September 5th. Black doodles have some white markings on the chest. Bernedoodles will mature from 50-70 lbs.


A rare occasion. We have a litter of poodles. Mom is a medium, dad is a standard. Puppies will vary in maturity sizes. Chocolate and black.