Pre trained doodles - what we do! Heidi's Pregnant

F1 Bernedoodle - F1 Goldendoodle - Multigen Doodle Puppies

Spring litters will have puppies available starting in August

What litters are next you wonder...? 

"Stella"  PREGNANT

"Maggie"   PREGNANT

"Minnie" IN HEAT NOW




F1 Goldendoodles  - ready to be placed August and September

" Stella"


Golden Retriever mothes will be bred to our poodle.


Multigen Doodles -  ready to be placed  September through October



These females will be bred to our poodle


F1 Bernedoodles

"Soma & Heidi" TBA pregnancies.

Both females will bred to our Rosco, or his son, Poe.

******HEIDI IS PREGNANT puppies due mid July, placmid to late Sept


Little to no shed, super intelligent and will be ready for new homes 8 weeks after birth. 10 weeks if Puppy Boot Camp is involved.

If interested in getting in on one of these litters, please call for an appointment to come and meet the breeder. A 500.00 deposit secures pick order. Dates are all estimates, mother nature dictates actual delivery dates. Litters due for spring and summer placements, as shown below, pics are from a previous litter that will resemble next litter with that mother. to schedule an appointment or to make a deposit on a litter. for questions to the breeder

Phone:  508-558-2221 - please do not text

We receive many emails, please give us at least 24 hours to respond.