We breed doodles! ....... F1 Goldendoodles due anyday!

Well mannered doodles is what we do.

Our belief is early intervention and socialization. Puppies are respectful before they leave us. Meaning no jumping up on children, no nipping or biting. Appointments are required to assure one on one attention with our visitors.

 Call Bill @ 508-558-2221 or email Bill@Doodlelitterscom. 

 All emails and phone calls are promptly answered. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT.

What do we breed? What do they cost?

We breed primarily second  generation and multigeneration, Goldendoodles &  Double Doodles. Occasionally, Aussiedoodles & Bernedoodles. All puppies are no - to very little,shed, no issues with those with allergies to dogs.


Poodles   $1,500

Females Available - Black

Note: females will pick up highlights

F1 Goldendoodles   $2,200 

Due first week of December - Stella

Due end of December - Luna

Double Doodles   $2,300  Multigen

Due mid January - Minnie

F1b Brnedoodles

Due in March 2019

F1 Bernedoodles 

Tri colors coming SUMMER 2019

Pricing TBD

Puppy Boot Camp Package Available

Puppies normally go to new homes at 8 weeks of age. For those that desire a more mature, well mannered puppy, an extra two weeks with breeder makes a huge difference. With this package, there are unlimited visits and a 3 hour family training class that is one on one with breeder with their puppy to educate how to continue the "manners" learned. Cost is $400.00

What kind of manners you wonder...? When puppies are here, they are worked with once they are 5 weeks old. They learn not to jump up on people, not to nip or bite. Basically to be respectful towards people. If you want a quick start to a well mannered "family member", it is YOU that must be trained so not to enable normal puppy behavior.

 There is no real reason for a puppy to jump up on people, little children, grab food off of counters and plates, pull on walks, take things off the floor and run with them, chew or destroy household items. Puppies do because they can, because they are allowed to because "they are cute and adorable"...but when it is not cute any longer? When it is too late and they are already programed that they can do no wrong. Not all people need help, but for those who do, I am there for them.


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Our customers are important to us. To give individual attention to each family's needs in a puppy, we do not allow walk ins. Puppies are born in our home and raised in our home.

Doodle Litters

Taunton, Massachusetts 02780

(508) 508-558-2221



 People will be coming into our home, so appointments are mandatory.

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About the Breeder

Traits of a good breeder:

First of all, to be a successful breeder, one must have a huge passion for dogs, lots of patience, and the desire to help with transition into new homes. Always looking to learn and to breed for not only good looks, but for great traits.

Goal of a good breeder:

The number one goal a breeder should have is bringing healthy puppies into the world for families to enjoy. Not just a dog, a new family member. Respect for people, manners, rules and lots of love makes for a true member of the family. To teach the puppy not to jump up on people, nip or bite.

Experience of this breeder:

Experience is the most crucial.  Sincerity, honesty, commitment, all rolled into one. Breeder has been breeding doodles since 2007, prior, Golden Retrievers and Labs. Psychology background and working with the special needs population.  has the commitment to both the puppies and the families they go home with. To have a wealth of knowledge to share. To teach and train the puppies at an early age, giving a strong foundation of respect for humans.

Core beliefs:

Early intervention and socialization leads to a well mannered, balanced, happy puppy. Learning social skills early, working with motor and cognitive skills motivates puppies to learn. 

Tough love belief is age appropriate, rules & expectations with lots of love and praise. No treats are used in early training.

Crate Training:

One big mistake new puppy owners do, is let the puppy run free - having no rules to speak of in the house. Crate training is essential, not only for safety, but for control.

 Dogs are den animals and enjoy the feeling of being in a place of their own. That is started here at 6 weeks of age. Quite difficult to house train a puppy if it is running all over.

Puppies that are bred:

Puppies are all conceived, born and trained here in a home setting. All breeding males and females are personally owned or are in guardian homes.

Puppies are primarily 2nd generation or multi generation. That is done for consistant traits, such as no shedding, nice waves to soft curly coats, less "poodle look". 

Breeder of the puppies - Kerry Angell

I have been breeding for over 15 years. Many New England families' have my Golden Retrievers & Labs, which I bred for 5 years or so.

Now only breeding doodles, I still strive to keep much of the golden and lab traits. Nothing like those two breeds. Breeding in the traits of the poodle; intelligence, no shedding  and a wave to the coats...to me , is the prefect dog. As I say..."You need a poodle to doodle!"

Me with family.

This is my family that is here in New England. People that first call in to inquire about a puppy, talk with my dad, "Bill" (far right) and meet with me, breeder and trainer of the doodles (far left ) My mother, the blond in the middle. We are a family of dog lovers!

My two grown children and my grandchildren are in Florida. One in Orlando, and one in West Palm Beach. I try to visit in between litters, preferably NOT in the summer months!

We have been breeding doodles here in New England for over 10 years now.

We are primarily breeding third generation doodles. Late summer we will have a  litter of  F1 Goldendoodles again. We also breed multi gen Aussiedoodles, Double Doodles and Bernedoodles. Pre-training of the puppies and offering family "Boot Camp" is what we take much pride in.

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