Handsome gentle red poodle.

ROSCO - Red Poodle

We use a red poodle to keep our doodles from fading to white. We also stud Rosco to flat coated doodles and flat coated double doodles. He has a medium curl for a poodle, so not to give too much tightness when bred to our double doodles.

Some more of our breeding family!


LYDIA - Double Doodle

Lydia is recently retired and has been placed in a very loving home.


GILLEY - F2 Aussie Doodle

Our Gilley is now retired and living in a very loving home. We kept one of her daughters' to keep the Aussie gene pool in our breeding program.


EMMA - Bernedoodle

Our Emma is a big hunk of love. She is a F1 Bernedoodle. Emma will mate with Rosco, our poodle.  

Chloe - Double Doodle Just delivered her first litter 3.26

CHLOE - Double Doodle ANNIE looks just like her.

Both Annie and little Chloe are very petite. Their puppies will be small multi gen doodles averaging 40 lbs. 


GIDGET aka GiGi - Poodle

GiGi is a medium parti poodle. That means she has the parti gene of two solid colors. GiGi mates with our golden retriever male, Hobie. Puppies will be F1 Goldendoodles.


GRACIE- Aussiedoodle 2nd Generation

Gracie is an Aussiedoodle and is on the smaller side, Gracie lives with her human guardian who loves loves her beyond words!


STELLA - Golden Retriever

Our new Stella is becoming one good looking golden girl! She is shy and laid back. 


LUNA - Golden Retriever

Our Luna is in a guardian home with three children who have tons of love for her.

She is a goof ball with much personality. She will mate with our poodle to bring us F1 Goldendoodles in late 2018


Cabrina and her sister Reba, had some beautiful litters! Some of the females that ar being bred now are their daughters. or granddaughters! So you can easily see where the great genes came from! Reba is here, she is an official trainer of the young puppies, and Cabrina lives in Salem with a wonderful couple!


Reba is now Miss 'meet and greet' to all the visitors that come over. She meets all appointments and visits at the door. Always a favorite to all that visit.


Reba with one of her daughters.

Teaching manners is important to come from both their own kind and from humans.


HEIDI - Bernese Mountain Dog

Our Heidi will be having her first litter with our poodle late 2018. Puppies will be F1 Bernedoodles. We are hoping for tri-colors! She is a LOVE and is in a guardian home with a family that has one of our doodles, now older. Heidi not only has a loving human family, but a best canine buddy!


SOMA - Bernese Mountain Dog

The most gentle sweetheart you can imagine! Our Soma welcomes  some of the children who come to visit. Soma will make some beautiful Bernedoodles. She loves life and everyone in her world.


HOBIE - Golden Retriever

Our new baby golden retriever. He is so soft and a total love. He has yet to learn what his real role here will be! He will breed to our females poodle this fall. 

Going into a guardian home with one of our doodles. "Dodger" will be thrilled to have a canine playmate and two human teenage boys to play with.

A few of our doodles


Meet "TEDDY"

He is one HUGE Lovebug! Teddy is living with his new forever family. His favorite toy is "Chewbakka", because that is what he looked like before his first puppy cut! Owners are Trish and Rick, picture taken at their summer home. Thanks for sending Trish!


Meet "ZOEY"

This little sweetheart is showing off her new do! Much more petite than Teddy! Donna and her family absolutely adore her! Thanks for sending Donna!


Meet "Kalvin"!

This is thee lovebug of all my lovebug studs! Now living in Salem with a wonderful young couple. Kalvin sired many litters bringing several beautiful puppies into this world! He often meets up with another retired beauty of mine, living in Salem, Cabrina. He sired her litters. Enjoy your retirement at beach my doodle babies!

NOTE: Pictures will be posted as they are sent to us. Always nice to see them grow up and to get puppy updates! You have a puppy or a now adult doodle from us? Send it is so we all can see. We love pictures and updates!

Below find just a few of the many beautiful doodles we have bred and some of our breeding family!


Different Coat possibilities of doodles

We have been breeding doodles for 11 years now.  Each seems to have it own unique look...all adorable and well mannered.


Bernedoodle Possibilities

We do not have any tri colors at this time. Our Emma is due end of AUGUST. Her puppies can be black and brown, black and white or tan and cream or solid black.  Puppies are F1b Bernedoodles, will mature 45-75 pounds.

Socialization is key


Knowing to RESPECT people

Before puppies leave here, they all know not to nip, bite or jump up om people. That foundation of respecting people is essential to start implementing that understanding at an early age.


Learning about stairs

One of the many things puppies learn before they leave here.


Learning to play nice.

Learning to play and share is important to establish at a early age.

Below are some doodles we have bred all grown up. As you can probably tell, I love to take pictures! A fraction of what I have taken . All happy. All well mannered. I am very proud of my doodles!  A few purebreds that were or will be, bred to a poodle. You need a poodle to doodle!!