Litters and Availability

F1 Goldendoodles

Star: due mid December (accepting deposits)

Stella: due mid December (accepting deposits)

Luna: estimating mid January (accepting deposits)

F1 Bernedoodles

Soma: due late December (accepting deposits)

Heidi: estimating mid January (not yet pregnant) - (accepting deposits)

Multigen Doodles

Minnie: due end of Jan (not yet pregnant)  - (accepting deposits)

Chloe: due mid May (not yet pregnant) - (accepting deposits)

upcoming f1 bernedoodles

Soma (mother)


Soma is a two year old Bernese Mountain Dog and this will be her very first litter! She is bred to Kirby. We aren't certain the exact coloring of puppies but we are hoping for tricolors!

Heidi (mother)


Heidi is our Bernese Mountain Dog that is bred with our party poodle, Kirby. Hoping for a tricolored litter!

Upcoming f1 golden doodle litters

Star (mother)


Star is a standard poodle bred with Hobie, our golden retriever. She is due mid December with f1 golden doodles. Star's mother (Gigi) is a black and white poodle. Puppies from this litter could be black, golden, black/brown, or multicolored. We shall see! Puppies expected to mature 45-60lbs.

Stella (mother)


Stella is a golden retriever bred with Rosco, our reddish poodle. She is due mid December with f1 golden doodles. Puppies typically are golden/reddish colored. There is typically variation within each litter. Puppies expected to mature 45-60lbs.

Upcoming f1 & multigen "double doodle" litters

Luna (mother)


Luna is a reddish golden retriever bred to our light brown poodle, Po. Her puppies will be brownish and reddish.

Minnie (mother)


Minnie is our multigen doodle bred to our party poodle, Kirby. This will be their first litter together. Puppies anticipated to be curly and possibly multicolored.

our studs



Kirby is our newest addition! He is a party poodle and bred to our bernese mountain dogs. He is such a sweet and silly boy.



Hobie is our handsome golden retriever stud. He loves to play ball!



Poe is our reddish/brown poodle replacing his dad, Rosco.

Rosco (retired)


Rosco is now retired and living the snowbird life!